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Bytomskie Centrum Kultury is one of the most succesful cultural institution  in the Silesia region. Main goal of the centre is to make culture not only an atractive way of free time spending, but also a kind of development impact. That is why, apart from standard cultural project, Becek puts up on the synergy among local business initiatives and research projects or education.


Bytomskie Centrum Kultury can be find as controversial. But in many cases this is the only way of achieving its goals. Becek (Bytomskie Centrum Kultury) do not avoid challanges, faces difficult issues from the past and speaks about social and economical problems.


What is the most important for the centre, are the youths, which means not the date of birth but the condition of mind. It is them, for whom Becek presents the most interesting artists from all over the country, Europe and the world. On the other hand Becek promotes Bytom and its heritage far beyond the city.


The most important projects organized by the Bytom Centre of Culture are: 
- TEATROMANIA International Festival, 
- Music of Nations (open air concerts of classic and contemporary music), 
- Scena Familijna (Family Stage - performances for children), 
- Feriada (workshops for children and young people during the winter holidays),
- BeCeKobus (summer holiday workshops for children held in various districts of Bytom),
- Ogólnopolski Festiwal Piosenki Poetyckiej "Kwiaty na Kamieniach” (the Nationwide Festival of Poetic Song "Flowers on the rocks”),
- Bytomska Jesień Literacka (Bytom’s Autumn of Literature ).
The TEATROMANIA International Festival 

TEAROMANIA was first held in 1998, and over the 16 years since then there have been 166 performances presented at the festival, including 34 Polish premieres of foreign shows. It has been said that TEATROMANIA breaks fresh ground in theatre and presents the most interesting contemporary phenomena in the theatrical world. Performed for the first time in Poland at the TEATROMANIA festival in 2010, “7 ways" ("7 Ways") by Geumhyung Jeong from South Korea was included three years later in the programme of the Malta Festival in Poznan. "Etiquette" by the Rotozaza group, performed at TEATROMANIA in 2009, was later presented at the Tate Modern in London in 2013. The TEATROMANIA festival was also the first to present a performance by Jo Strømgren Kompani in Poland when in 2008 the company performed “The Society”.


TEATROMANIA is a festival with a varied history. The first five editions of the festival concentrated on Polish performances but since 2003 programmes have included many foreign guests. Among the many fantastic and acclaimed theatre companies that have taken part in TEATROMANIA so far are: LUME Teatro (Brazil), Sadari Movement Laboratory (South Korea), Pansori Project ZA (South Korea), Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio (Hong Kong), Clipa Theater (Israel), Eduardo Okamoto (Brazil), Familie Flőz (Germany), Fabrik Company (Germany), Derevo (Russia), Jo Strømgren Kompani (Norway), Theather Titanick (Germany), Acco Theatre Center (Israel), Aharona Israel Company (Israel), Home Made Ensemble (Israel), mala voadora (Portugal), Third Angel (UK), Delrevés (Spain), Wandering Orquestra (Spain),Divadlo Skutr (Czech Republic), Rotozaza (UK), Claire Cunningham (UK), George Dillon (UK), 30 Birds Productions (UK), John Moran (USA), Kamchatka (Spain), Junk Ensemble (Irland), Dylan Tighe (Irland), Teatr czarneNIEBObiałe (Russia), Teatr Novogo Fronta (Czech Republic/Russia), Teatr.DOC (Russia), Andrew Dawson (UK), Darren Johnston (UK), Geumhyung Jeong (South Korea), Teatr Montownia (Warsaw), Teatr Wierszalin (Supraśl), Teatr Biuro Podróży (Poznań), Teatr Porywacze Ciał (Poznań), Teatr Provisorium i Kompania Teatr (Lublin), Teatr Strefa Ciszy (Poznań), Teatr Ósmego Dnia (Poznań), Akademia Ruchu (Warsaw), Teatr Polski (Wrocław), Komuna Otwock, Teatr im. H. Modrzejewskiej (Legnica), Teatr KTO (Kraków), Teatr Dramatyczny (Wałbrzych), Teatr Rozmaitości (Warsaw), Teatr Narodowy Laboratorium Dramatu, Teatr Powszechny (Warsaw).
"Ketzal" Derevo, fot. Krzysztof Chrobak, Teatromania 2005


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